Software Development Services

Software is undoubtedly at the center of most daily routines in this world. It can make a complex process easy and memorable OR it can make that process a nightmare - which is NOT the memory you want to leave with your users!

Impact Media Live has been creating solutions for small business and beyond since 2001 and as the industry and opportunities have multiplied it is truly still exciting to create tools that excite our customers and yours!

Your Website is not only an integral part of your brand identity as a company but it also has the potential to provide further differentiation between you and your competition by offering unique resources to your customers. Web applications can be a viable solution to many common problems faced by organizations in the fast paced world we all operate in. Everything from managing customer information internally to an application which allows your customers to interact with multiple layers of your business efficiently.

Impact Media can provide intuitive point and click applications on the web which are available to your customers 24/7 365 anywhere they have a connection to the web, which with today's smartphones is almost anywhere. These applications are optimized for a responsive design and will provide great functionality for the individual platforms.

With the ever changing technology industry it is amazing what can be built, Contact Us, to discuss ideas or to determine estimated cost and realize time frames for projects you have.

Information is the key to success and being able to convert your data, which you have spent countless hours collecting, into information is extremely important to the success of your business. Impact Media builds many of our solutions around a database technology which allows us to store data effectively and retrieve it efficiently.

If you are currently using an SQL based server technology Impact Media can write intuitive application interfaces for the management of data stored in these servers. If you are not using a database storage solution we can develop and implement solutions to migrate your data into a reliable database structure so that rich applications can be built to utilize this information.

Contact Us today to learn more about our database solutions!